The Energy Policy Simulator (EPS) is a free and open-source computer model originally created by Energy Innovation LLC and adapted for Canada in partnership with the Pembina Institute.

Model Download

The Canada Energy Policy Simulator may be used on this website through your web browser, or the full version may be downloaded to your computer by clicking the button below. Note that you will need to go through the steps explained on the EPS download page in order to install the required software and make use of the full version of the model.

Download the Energy Policy Simulator, Canada Version

Reference Scenarios

Two reference scenarios are included with the simulator. The “PCF” scenario strictly models policies that are committed to as part of the Pan-Canadian Framework, with no assumed improvement beyond that already announced. For example, the “Carbon Tax” policy increases from $20/tonne in 2019 to $50/tonne in 2022, then holds constant at $50/tonne thereafter.

The “PCF Extended to Mid-Century” scenario increases the ambition of the PCF scenario by assuming that PCF policies do not stagnate when their announced end dates are reached, but rather, they strengthen at a constant rate through 2050 (or until the policy reaches its maximum possible setting, whichever comes first). For example, the “Carbon Tax” policy increases at the same rate of $10/tonne per year from $20/tonne in 2019 to $330/tonne in 2050.

For a more detailed explanation of these scenarios, and answers to other common questions, please visit our FAQ page.


Documentation of the model is available here. Documentation is not specific to any model version and therefore applies to both U.S. and Canada versions of the Energy Policy Simulator.

Other Information